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Received my Wonderfest 08 (Winter) loot recently and boy did it set me back on my future children’s college funds, but that aside i’m happy with the purchase. Unlike the other limited Lucky Star figures GSC actually did their QC this time and the pair turned out really well. And as for figma, they keep their good name intact with their usual high standards with a fine figure.

Lets take a look at the nendroids first.

I hate reviewing Nendoroids not because they suck or anything bad, its just that theres so little to talk about, its always the same cuteness which is seriously intoxicating. Although i would have preferred proper eyes for Konata that they gave to Kagami.

You see unbridled cuteness, seriously who wouldn’t fall in love with nendoroids they’re almost cuter then babies.

A close up shot of unbridled cuteness. The details on saber’s armor is a nice touch.

Next we have Kagami, i kind of like her more between the pair as she is the only one out of the 2 which has a proper pair of eyes.

Cute cute cute.

Gah !!! Don’t understand why these faces were included in the set, Konata crying……… and Kagami looking like a………. loli psycho are the closes words i can oull out of my head to describe her.

As much as i like seeing little 17 year old fictitious characters cry, this is kind of depressing but in a cute kind of way. WTB!!!!

Psycho Loli RAWR!!!!!!!

Now for WF08 (冬) Figma Limited Konata.

Densetsu shyojo A, sports a Haruhi uniform cosplay outfit in this rendition of her.

Detail is spot on right down to the beauty mark below her left eye.

Should have done more outlandish poses but my brain was in hibernation mode when i did this shoot i guess.

A close up on Konata, really love the ahoge on the top of her head.

I probably should have tried placing Konata’s head on figma Saber’s body, but i guess thats for someone else to do or you will just have to find out for yourself how she looks.

This should have featured a crying nendoroid Konata, but like i said depressing and this is kinda meant to be a happy blog.

Verdict: Really happy i got a hold of these figures the nendoroids were great simply for being nendoroids  (liking cute things is a major monetary flaw for me) and figma konata was bought based on illogical otaku’s logic since figma is releasing her again with her normal school outfit along with the other friends. But all in all thats what limited figures are, manufactured for the limited number of people who would go that far into owning them.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


Its been awhile since i’ve posted a figure review, mainly due to the fact that i was lazy to take photos but also due to the fact that most of my weekends have been jam packed with events and what not.

Anyways lets take a look at Figma’s Nanoha figure, pictures taken on Figurakuen’s latest photo-outing.

Warning: Now that i look at them i realized that most of the poses are the same………… guess my i was low on the creativity juice on that hot Saturday afternoon.

For some reason my Nanoha piece seems to feature a very loose hair piece, which unfortunately drops at the slightest touch. Anyone else having this problem or does MaxFactory just hates me.

The “Flier Fin” wings on her boots are a very nice touch in my opinion, makes her look all the more unique.

I have people commenting on the smiling face plate, saying that it looks ugly. I do not agree with them, but neither do i disagree with them. To me it looks alright but it could have been better.

Sad that the trade off for having her “Flier Fin” Raising Heart Excelion mode was taken out of the set. But i think i would have preferred to have Excelion instead of her “Flier Fins”.

Even though the base stand is shown here it’s not because she needed it. As she is surprisingly stead on her own two feet.

A better shot of Rising Heart in Buster mode.

Not much to say here but the flowers are nice………….

Same pose………. again……….. but the fountain is nice.

Had people bringing other Figmas to the shoot so had some fun with their heads.

Saber doesn’t look quite right with a staff IMO.

Probably could have done a better pose for Yuki, but i guess thats too late now.

Verdict: A solid figure if not for the bad hair piece that i got with my set. A definite buy for all Nanoha fans, MaxFactory is also releasing Fate T.Harlaown which should be a real nice treat for fans everywhere. All in all if you’ve been collecting Figmas you don’t need me to tell you anything. But if your waiting to get into the game and haven’t gotten Saber yet, this is the next best place to start (or Fate i guess).

Have a very 萌萌 day people.