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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Well so ends the first day of Singapore’s first Toy and Comic Con (short for convention), and what can i say…… its not bad but not really worth the hassle of squeezing with the crowd to have a look see. In fact if it wasn’t for the free gives i doubt there would be that many people there (then again i might be wrong on that one).

The 2 freebies i got today:

Only the red version, the white one will be available tomorrow 29th Jun 08 at 11am, will be going back for it tomorrow.


And a blank To-Fu figure.

Didn’t get the others as i didn’t deemed them worthy enough to waste another 2 – 3hrs for.

Booth wise there was nothing much for the PVC enthusiast, but there were tons of art booths like “Collateral Damage” and Imaginary Friends IFS” to name a few, around with really great art, if anything those are the booths you want to spend sometime at glancing and buying their works of art. Another area of interest at STCC was the designer toys by Devil Robots and Tokidoki, no special deals at the show though which was a downer, but you are able to purchase otherwise hard to acquire stuff at STCC. Dooperdoo was also there selling their designer clothings and their designer figures.

Well that does it for the highlights for STCC now on to the shitty parts. Queuing of any form for the first half of the whole event was an absolute nightmare, there was no law or order just total chaos all in the form of serious queue cutting. Security was also slow to rectify the situation, leaving things to the last minute when things have escalated to shouting and shoving (and one step below murder). But apparently (I didn’t stay till the end…….)they fixed this issue in the later half of the event choosing to give people queue numbers (about freaking time !!!).

All in all it was a good first effort i guess, hopefully this first step will open the door ways for more future (and hopefully better) events here in Singapore.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


And to think after 11 long years one of the worlds longest manga comic has finally come to an end. The first chapter was published on November 13th 1996 and finally ended 3 days ago on June 17th 2008 (Making this post a little late).

Anyways congratulations to Rumiko Takahashi sensei on her epic accomplishment, and thanks for 11 years of demon doggy fun.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.