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Monthly Archives: May 2008

This got sent to me by a friend, a cute little site that tells you what your thinking of. All you have to do is input your name into the name field and the site will generate an image like the one shown below.

Here it says i “desire rest” .

Obviously you need to know how to read some japanese but there are some funny ones like this.

Not quite sure what “H” means but my guess it means hentai………..

Anyways have fun, oh theres also an option to have a T-shirt made with the picture you got. But my guess is that its probably not quite worth it.

Heres the link to the site “脳内メーカー

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


Well for this post we have a little change of photography background (finally……), i don’t bring my figures out often for shoots mainly because i am still self conscious, about strangers staring at the grown man playing with a plastic doll (the uneducated masses scare me…..). But thanks to a successful photo outing i was able to get some really pretty shots of this post’s beauty Uesugi Kenshin.

She was a last minute pre-order choice for me and i’m glad i didn’t miss out on her cause she is a fine little piece of art.

The sculpt and pose all really make her come alive. Especially like the way they made her dress twirl from her spinning motion.

Hair is a little blockish but, it doesn’t really hurt the look of the figure anyways so, i was able to let it easily slide by. Kenshin is here sporting one of her 3 head pieces, the cone shaped helm.

Here she is donning her small ribbon, not sure if you can see it clearly thou. The sun peeked out from among the clouds suddenly brightening up the whole place.

Here she is wearing her long flowing ribbon. Not very sure which head gear i like best, its a toss up between her long ribbon and the cone shaped helm. She is currently being displayed with the long ribbon cause the helm made her too tall to fit in my display shelf. And yes it is my shelf which is too low.

We see her here wielding her alternate sword, which i like but really doesn’t fit he character especially when she is still holding her other tachi (太刀) in her left hand.

Just a little fun with Kenshin wielding dark saber’s excalibur.

Heres a clearer view of the accessories that comes in the box.

Some more fun at the photo shoot. With Kenshin spotting a stolen hat off a pinky Asuka.

Here’s a close up shot of her, i think she looks cute don’t you ???

Verdict: A really nice figure, one of Kotobukiya’s best figures in months, well at least in my opinion. If your a fan of samurai girls or just plain love swords (raises and waves hands maniacally), you really can’t go wrong with this figure. She is a little pricey sporting a ¥7140 price tag on the bottom of the box. So be prepared to pay top bucks for this piece of art.

PS: If your living in Singapore and would like to get to know more crazy otakus, or go on a photo session with like minded people you can join us at Figurakuen.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.