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Monthly Archives: March 2008

I was actually going to do a figure review today (on what ? that you will have to find out in my next post), but since i finished “Final Fantasy: Crisis Core” today, and also since i loved it so much that i felt that it was worth writing about it here.

Story Summary:

“Final Fantasy: Crisis Core” revolves around Zack Fair, an elite member of Shinra’s special forces called “SOLDIER”. The bright eyed protagonist aspires to achieve 1st Class status, with the long-term goal of being a “Hero”. His mentor and close friend, Angeal Hewley, has always been there to guide and and teach him, until he seemingly decides to defect, to join one of his best friend, Genesis. Who has defected and has been officially pronounced missing in action by the Shinra corp. Thus sets the base for Zack’s quest for the truth, an adventure that will take him across the sprawling world of Final Fantasy 7, meeting many familiar faces , and new/old characters along the way.


One of the most obviously different feature about “Crisis Core” is the way the game handles combat. Opting for a more action based system, compared to the turn based ATB (Active Time Bar) of yester-year. Very similar to the combat system used Kingdom Heart but with more functions thrown in to spice things up.

But don’t be frightened by this major change, even though its new, its done in a very elegant yet simple way so that players will be slicing and dicing baddies in no time at all. Basically your givn full control of Zack’s movements in combat allow you to run anywhere within the battlefield, while giving Zack orders through a side menu to attack, cast spells, use abilities or use items. The option to roll and block is also given to you, to allow you to dodge and defend, theres also a run option which takes over the block command if the appropriate materia is equipped.

Another feature which i think is an important feature is the way critical hits are handled theres still the usual lucky front hit critical, but in “Crisis Core” if the player hits a baddie squarely on the back its a guaranteed critical hit, this adds strategy to the game as players constantly tries to get behind enemies to get that all important critical hit.

Also since the battlefield is now alive enemies are now able to to constantly attack you with a barrage of attacks and spells, making the game alot more fast paced and action packed which i applauded Square-Enix for implementing. And because of this spells like blizzard, which drops a big ice block on enemies heads are avoidable by them, as they need to be in position to be hit.

Now lets look at the next major and all important DMW system. Also known as the “Digital Mind Wave” System. The DMW is actually a slot wheel system, which governs, Zack’s levels, materia levels, limit breaks and battlefield status like invincibility (mmmm). Now you might be thinking that this system sucks (cause thats what i thought at the beginning too…. ), but in actual fact it adds a sense of excitement, for a lack of a better word to describe it.
Scoring a 7 on any of the number wheels nets you an in combat boost like “no MP” (spells don’t cost MP to cast) or “no AP” (special attacks don’t cost AP to use), scoring 3 of a kind of any number will net you in combat boosts too like 777 get you the all powerful invincibility.
Scoring a 2 similar portraits of any character on the DMW will initiate the modulating phase. This is where you get a chance at a limit break or summon, 3 similar portraits of a character will get you the limit break of that person like healing and invincibility with an Aerith

Getting 2 of the same numbers will get you a level for the materia corresponding to the number slot which you got 2 of, getting 3 numbers of the same kind will get you 2 levels for your materia corresponding to the number slot which you got 3 of, and getting triple 7s will get Zack a level up of his own,. Up until now never has getting a limit break/summon cause such excitement, when you manage to get one just in time to save your berserking ass.

Theres also the Materia Fusion system where you combine 2 materia together (using SP points, which are gain through defeating enemies in combat) creating a whole new materia with some boost in stats, which are added on to Zack’s stats when that materia is equipped. There’s also a handful of powerful materia that can only be acquired from Materia Fusion.

As for side quest and other distractions, “Crisis Core” comes with 300 bite size missions to distract you from the main storyline. Most of them need you to finish off a boss or summon a boss to beat down, while others just let you wail away at up to 1000 foes to complete the mission. These missions often net you great rewards or unlock hidden summons. The stand alone game is not long (roughly about 10 – 15hrs long) but if your going to get 100% mission completion be prepared to put in about 50hrs or more of solid playtime. (I currently have 38hrs of play time with 54% mission completion rate).


If its graphics your into “Crisis Core” does not fail to deliver, and i mean that in very sense of the phrase. From the first CG cut scene you watch to the very first summon you call forth all of them superbly done, so much so that i am willing to say that, it will be a long long time before any other game will have graphics that will even come close to matching “Crisis Core” on the PSP.

Odin Summon animation (In game)

CG cut scene (In game)


Music wise most of your favorite tunes have made it over but with some tweaks to suit the new game place style. Tracks now contain heavy bass guitar along with thundering drums, to make your heart pump that much faster whether your beating down a normal baddie to fighting a boss all these new and redone songs make “Crisis Core’s” soundtrack worthy of the games awesomeness.
The theme song “Why” by Ayaka Lida (絢香 飯田) brought tears to my eyes when it played during the ending scene of the game.


Its been a long long time since a game made me cry, and any game thats able to make me care about a character this much is indeed worthy of my praises. So what are you all waiting for go get the game you won’t be sorry, for this is a game that will rekindle your love for “Final Fantasy VII”.

In loving memory of Zack Fair
He who embraced his dreams
Protected his honor
And became a hero

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


Finally made it down today to view Mari’s brand of hand sewn plushies. Its sad that i have only just blog about this exhibit, as i would recommend all you cutesy loving people to go check it out. So remember is your reading this between the time after i have posted this and and 8pm tomorrow please make some time to go down and check Mari’s stall out.

The exhibit hall may seem a little sparse when you first step foot in it, but as you begin to wonder around looking at all the really really cute apples and other items you will get quite lost from looking at all her hand made stuff, and i do mean hand made. She was literally sewing when me and Bakaboi was there. And also remember to check out the walls so you don’t miss out on the portraits hanging on the walls.

Notice the squiggly lines below each hirigana characters ??? Those are actual letters for her made up language which she actually used to write a message. I really wanted to buy this, but too bad she said that it was not for sale.

As you can clearly see she has a thing for apples (PS: My words not hers LOL)

A very cute apple couple.

Big big apples.

And yes the orange ball in front of the apple is an orange.

Multi-colored apples.

But if you people don’t have a thing for apples fear not there are lost of other horribly cute plushies that you can get from her.

Like for example these collaboration pieces she did with Plushism.

Close up of the board explaining the collaboration.

Focus your eyes on the mermaid at the top if your sick of apples by now.

Humanoid plushies i regret not taking a photo of the finger puppets……… yes there were finger puppets too.

Or how about some multi-colored peas ???

On second thought maybe i did take a photo of the finger puppets if only by accident thou, i have no idea what the yellow things are ?!?!

This was my favorite none ringo plushie she calls them chikibunnies. Also incidentally she was sewing these when we were there.

In the end i walked away with a cute ringo handphone strap thing this is the carrier bag. Also i would like to point out that the sticker holding the flap closed is hand drawn by Mari san.

Heres Bakaboi’s bag, bigger because he bought a bigger apple lol.

Also managed to get a photo taken with her !!!!

One last thing if you manage to visit her exhibit, do leave words of encouragements in her guest book. Or shameless advertisements its all good LOL.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.