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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Ok before I go into this review let me thank you all the readers for well………. reading, and allow Project O.T.A.K.U break the 1k hits barrier thank you all so much. Anyways back to the matter at hand……….. take it away myself.

Joyous of joy my first Trinity Box figure is here and guess what she is AWESOME !!!!!!

Truth be told, I actually passed on the first pre-order. So my Mishiro is actually a second reissue. By the time i realize that i am actually in love with her, I missed the first pre-order but thanks to HobbyLinkJapan I was able to make the second pre-order for this beauty.

Beautifully crafted and painted Mishiro is one fine looking PVC figure, definitely one of GSC’s best figure series to date.

No detail was spared in the production stages, from the top of her head to the bloodied snow under her feet. Much kudos for the effort put into making her.

Firstly sorry for this blurry photo will try to rectify it as soon as possible. The school girl outfit probably draws in a large group of school girl fetish otakus.

Here’s a shot of her dual swords 黄泉乃夢 (よみのむ)which translates to “Underworld Dream”.
And 蒼乃癒鬼 (あおのゆき) which translates to “Blue Healing Demon”.
(PS. If anyone finds theres an error in my translation please do tell.)

Isn’t she pretty ??? It’s the eyes i tell you.

Even her hair has such a nice pose.

In case you don’t know she has a cast off option…….

Which allows her to don on her battle damage school uniform.

Tears in such cleverly placed spots.

Also 2 drama CDs are included with the figure to sweeten this already very sweet deal.

CD 2.

With the addition of an art/info/story booklet this makes her a must get figure no matter who you are.

Back of the booklet.

Verdict: Get get get !!!! With all the extra goodies coupled with the high quality of the figure really makes this figure or series, one to chase after.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


Usually i have a mild distaste for Vance Project Pinky series of figures, but this time i thought “hey a cheap Monster Hunter set…..” and decided to go for it. I’m glad to say that i haven’t regretted the decision yet.

Well lets look at the most armored pinky of the set shall we.

This is the Reia and she has a big sword (known as a great sword), i like swords……………

She doesn’t come with much accessories but with this level of detail thats just a very minor flaw.

Just look at it really well colored and superbly sculpte, very very nice.

Back view.

Now lets look at the Monchan figure.
A bit low on the detail side but, she comes with lots of accessories to give you your moneys worth.

The cutest figure out of the set, largely due to the cat suit me think.

Monchan likes cats if you didn’t know.

Back view, the green bag is detachable.

A view of her cap.

This is her 2nd body, and also known as a naked outfit, thats what female characters look like without armor (if you choose that outfit pattern). The spit and roast you will see when cooking in the game.

Front view.

Back view.

And now for the last but not least figure of the set.
She comes with 2 different types of armor set…….. well not the armor but the helm changes which is close enough.

This is Poon don’t laugh at her name cause i’m sure her big hammer packs quite a punch.

Like Reia, Poon is on the highly detailed side. Just look at her gauntlets and boots.

The tail is meant to be on her crossbow equipment set, while her armor set is meant to feature a small skull at her back. But i like the tail better.

A view of her head gear.

Wooooo nice long feather, and yes thats how it looks like in the game too.

Well lets turn our attention to Poon’s crossbow equipment set up.

Nothings changed in the armor set up but she gets a nice little arm guard.

That skull at the back of her is meant for her armor set up, she should have her tail instead.

A close up view of her decorated helm, really fancy.

Back view.

Verdict if your a huge Monster Hunter fan and looking for a few memorabilia to collect or show off your fandom. You can’t do any better then this series of figures.

Cheap and really well done, one of the best Monster Hunter figures you’ll find out there.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.