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Daily Archives: December 24th, 2007

Ok……… so this may be abit late but what the hey i had other stuff to do on Sunday.

Anyways here are the figures for the day.

Treasures for the day, there are 5 naked black bodies but they wouldnt fit so i left them out. Also ignore the Guitar collection i got them months ago.

Rei with Spear of Longinus

Rei soft modded with Guitar. (She looks so much nicer this way)

Revoltech 40 & 41

As for the Busou Shinki i have yet to assemble them yet (largely due to the fact that i am a lazy SOB). I will try and do a shoot with all of my Busou Shinkis, once i have gotten the remaining figures (which hopefully will be by mid Jan). So await their awesomeness with bated breath folks, for they will be awesome.