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Daily Archives: December 16th, 2007

Well as i promised here are some of the more eye catching (in my opinion) cosplayers for the day. I don’t know why but i was more selective with my shots this year and ended up not taking alot of photos anyways for your viewing pleasure.

Its good to see that we still have such a high caliber of Gundam cosplayer

These two were really nice when i asked to take their photo (Thank you both very much)

Credit goes to Bliondi for taking this photo.

LoL i couldn’t help myself i just had to get in on the action.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


Got her on Saturday during the Figuraken group outing (will be posting some pictures later), off Alafista. Well what can i say about her…….. for one thing the WoW factor i got when i saw the prototype model is now long got, due to the lack of her shiny armor parts that were shown in the prototype shoots.

As you can see from my very bad photography her armor parts are now done in a matt finish. Dashed are my dreams of her having her glossy shinny armor.

Her claymore to is done in a matt finish gone are her glory days, that once held my attention oh so steadfastly, making getting her a must for me but its a shame she had to turn out so……

But done get me wrong with all my grumbling its still a beautiful figure, its just the false advertising about her has left a rather bitter after taste in my mouth, so gaze upon her carefully and think carefully before you purchase her, as i am sure some other company will undoubtedly release another version of her that will hopefully deliver what they promise.

Her base stand also nothing to write home about……

A close up look on her face.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.