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Daily Archives: December 11th, 2007

As i was going through my usual routine of early morning internet browsing, I stumbled upon an article on Danny Choo’s webpage.


kataude mashin ga-ru
[The Machine Girl]

Heres a short synopsis of the story:

[The Machine Girl] is about a happy normal teenage girl named Ami who goes on a mad revenge quest against a ninja yakuza family who for some reason tortured and killed her little brother. She ends up losing an arm, and replaces it with a high-powered gatling gun.

片腕マシンガール literally translates to “One Arm Machine Girl”. And for all those of you who wondered what Kill Bill would have been like if the Japanese had gotten their hands on it, well IMO it would roughly be something like this.
Well minus the cool swords and cheesy flash backs, from what i gathered in the trailer this is going to be one bloody movie.

What intrigued me about this up coming show was obviously her huge honking Gatling gun, which after watching the trailer tears up baddies really good. But then i start to wonder how in the world is a skinny (very pretty might i add) school girl able to carry let alone shoot a Gatling gun of that size, an example of her monstrous strength is shown in a scene in the trailer where she tosses her Gatling arm in the air with her one human hand and a fixes it to her left arm stub and even ends up doing a cool pose, the next scene we see her firing it off without so much as flinching from the recoil that thing must produce.

But then I remembered this:

And i stopped thinking……..

[The Trailer]