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Monthly Archives: December 2007

I never knew the Singapore post office was this popular until today when I had to go down to there (Tampines branch) to pick up my Yuki Bunny figure by FREEing.

This picture was taken at 09:30 am outside the branch office

I actually got there at about 9am but when i saw the line, I got worried and rushed in to see if that was indeed where I had to queue to pick up my figure…….. thank the heavens it wasn’t. The line i was in was much shorter.

Lucky for me Singaporeans tend to pay more then they receive so my morning, or dare i say it my whole day was saved from waiting in a line.

I thought the only way you ever got to see a line like this was at a huge sale of some sort or even at a release of a new console like the Nintendo Wii, but apparently Singaporeans are also very “xiao on” when it comes to paying their bills (thats what everyone was lining up for).

Thats not to say i didn’t have to wait in my line some of the customers sure took their time asking questions blah blah blah, but no need to fear my PSP is here. I can think of no other device (well maybe a NDS will do too) that would actually make you wish the line was longer so that you can finish a stage/boss before your turn is next, if your not in a gaming mood no biggy how about some music or even better yet watch a movie or some anime while you wait, you can even read comics on the ungodly thing, it is single handily the best friend you can take along with you not just in a queue but practically anywhere that requires you to kill sometime.

Anyways the package made it in one piece and thankfully no one in the postal service thought that my Yuki was a bomb and attempted to tear apart her save housing. Although there were some dents here and there on the packaging but i guess it was a rough trip all the way from Japan.

It was until i myself tried to open the packaging that i realized why the postal service didn’t bothered opening her up. Damn man when HLJ says that they would package it safely they weren’t kidding. Yuki was practically in a tank i had to spend like 10 over mins taking apart the outer box to get to her.

I think i will be able to rest easy the next time i purchase anything from HLJ.

The figure its self was very nicely done. The problem now is where am i going to display her as she stands at about 45cm tall with her base stand……….

I forgot to take a back shot of her and now i’m too lazy to take her out again just to take another picture. Maybe i will tomorrow because Tsuruya will be here YEAH!!!!!

The only complaint i have is why in the world is her base stand scratched so badly when she’s meant to be new.

The picture doesn’t really show the scratches but they are there, oh well i guess its not such a big deal as long as Yuki herself is in perfect condition.

And now for the grand finale

Well its not a full set but i’m guessing 3 out of 5, especially when its the main 3 wouldn’t matter so much.

Have a very 萌萌 day people.


Ok……… so this may be abit late but what the hey i had other stuff to do on Sunday.

Anyways here are the figures for the day.

Treasures for the day, there are 5 naked black bodies but they wouldnt fit so i left them out. Also ignore the Guitar collection i got them months ago.

Rei with Spear of Longinus

Rei soft modded with Guitar. (She looks so much nicer this way)

Revoltech 40 & 41

As for the Busou Shinki i have yet to assemble them yet (largely due to the fact that i am a lazy SOB). I will try and do a shoot with all of my Busou Shinkis, once i have gotten the remaining figures (which hopefully will be by mid Jan). So await their awesomeness with bated breath folks, for they will be awesome.